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Temple Mickve Israel

Founded in July 1733, five months after the colonization of Georgia, this is the third oldest Jewish congregation in America and the first established in the South. The synagogue, the only Gothic one in America, was built in 1776-1778. It houses the oldest Torah in America, and a museum with historical books of the congregation's activities and letters from Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Madison to the congregation. The museum adjoining the temple is open to the public.

Independent Presbyterian Church

Some of you may recognise this church from the opening scene in the movie "Forest Gump", as the white feather was falling from the sky, it passed in front of this steeple. Amasing how it landed at Tom Hanks' feet some 4 city blocks away! Oh well......the magic of Hollywood!

This church was founded in 1755. The present building was erected in 1890, and is a replica of the 1815-1819 church destroyed in a fire in 1889.

Woodrow Wilson married Ellen Axson, granddaughter of the pastor, in the church in 1885.