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Welcome to Savannah Georgia!

Welcome to my home in Savannah, Georgia. I am going to take you on a photo tour of this beautiful city that I call home.

Savannah, located in the last of the 13 original colonies, had it's beginnings when General James Edward Oglethorpe and 120 weary travelers from the English ship "Anne" ended their journey at Yamacraw Bluff in 1733. Oglethorpe is credited with creating the first "planned" city in the United States. The same year the colonists landed, a carefully laid out town became a reality. The shady public squares and parks that gave Savannah an air all its own were created more than two and a half centuries ago.

Savannah's heritage is a vital part of her present and future. Today, Savannah's rich, colorful history can be seen throughout the city's historic downtown area-in it's elegant mansions, beautiful churches, colorful gardens, and shady squares.

Sit back,, while I share with you photos of this beautiful city. And enjoy!

savannah, GA
United States

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