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Savannah Pictures Part 2

Savannah Pictures Part 3

Penny's Nature Postcards!

Pics From Tybee Island GA

Savannah Architecture

Dolphin Tour, Savannah

Magnolia Plantation, SC

North Georgia Mountains
October 1999

Albuquerque Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta 1992

Pictures From Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Cat's Pride" Cat Postcards

Albuquerque Zoo

Columbia Riverbanks Zoo, SC

Pheonix Zoo

Butterfly Garden

My Florida Vacation 1999

More Pics From Florida

Even More of Florida

Last of Florida, I Promise!

Cows on Vacation!

My Cats

Pictures of my Great-Neice "Becca"

More Pictures of Becca

Becca's Photopoint Photo Album


Charleston Aquarium, SC
My Favorite Savannah Websites
Pictures of Me
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Awarded to my page January 1, 2000 by my good cyber friend Susan. Thanks Sues! This award means the world to me! :-)


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