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This is Shorty, my older cat. He's a long-haired tabby. Age 6 1/2 years. I got Shorty from the Humane Society as a small kitten, in March, 1994. I had recently broken up with my then fiance, and needed something to fill the void in my life. I walked into the Humane Society, with the intentions of "just looking" at what was available. I had wandered up and down the cat cages, and really didn't see any one particular cat that spoke to me. Just as I was leaving, one of the personnal asked if I had seen the inside cages. Frankly, I did not even know they had "inside cages." Then I saw him......he was in a cage with his momma and 3 brothers. He was frisky, and spunky, and the way he pawed at me thru those bars, it was if he was saying "please rescue me". He touched my heart. So, I told the lady in charge that I was interested in this little ball of fur. She informed me that the momma and her kittens ahd been left in a cardboard box at the end of the driveway to the Humane society on a cold, rainy December day. Nobody even knew for sure how long they had been out there. The kittens were tiny, wet, and sick. Everybody had an upper respiratory tract infection, but she assured me that all the kittens had a clean bill of health. I inquired about "the one with the tabby mark on his chest", and was told that many people had been appyling to adopt all of the kittens,but nobody had come forth yet to finalize the adoption. To make a long story short, I walked out the door with Shorty in a carrier, and took him home.

This little fluff monster proved that adoptions are not always the easiest thing to adapt to. I let him out of the carrier, and he went straight underneathe my dinning room table! Not to come out for several days! I was devestated! I thought ......great, I rescue this cat, now he repays me by living under the table! One day I could not take it any longer. I crawled under the table, and after much fighting, and chasing, I came out with him in my arms. I sat down on the sofa with him in my lap, and stroked him, and talked baby talk to him, to help him realise that I had no intentions of hurting him. It worked! And Shorty loves to sit in momma's lap to this day!

How Shorty got is name. He technically has never been named. I went round and round with names, but just could not find anything that I liked. One day, he was walking into the kitchen to see me, and I told him "you are such a little Short-stuff". Short-stuff led to Shorty, and it just sort of stuck! Some of his nicknames include.....Shortcake, Shorty-monster, Short 'ems, and just plain Short.

Shorty's favorie past-times are: climbing to the highest places in the apartment, tormenting his brother, sleeping on top of the television,sitting in momma's lap, and sucking up cat nip! Shorty has a jeolous streak about him. If Munchkin gets close to HIS momma, Shorty must be closer! If Munchkin is in my lap, Shorty is on my shoulder. If Munchckin lays next to me in bed, Shorty climbs on top of me! He also gets jeolous of my arts and crafts, reading, or WEB TV. If I am not devoting enough time to him, he lets me know it by getting in my way. He is my lover boy, and revels in lovin's!


Here is my second cat, Munchkin. He is a Flame-Point Himalyan, age 6 years. After I had had Shorty for awhile, I decided that it was not fair, him being left in the apartment alone all day while I was at work. He needed a playmate, so I started looking for another kitten to join our little family. An old friend of mine bred Himalyans, and I decided to give her a call. Munchkin immediately struck my eye, because he was different from the other kittens. The rest of the litter were seal-points. And the breeder told me if she had to choose, she would go with the flame-point. So, I took him home with me.

Imediately Shorty was threatened by another cat entering HIS house. So, there was alot of hissing and growling going on, but soon they developed a brotherly bound between the two of them.

How Muchkin got his name. Originally the breeder called him Prince Albert, but that was just too prissy for my taste. Again, here I am trying to name this poor cat. Heck, Shorty didnt even have a real name yet! And one day the two of them were playing, and though Shorty was still a kitten too, Munchkin was just so much smaller than him. So.....what's smaller than a "Shorty"? but a Munchkin! I still have never sent in his kitten papers, because I just could not come up with the prissy name that they need for kitten papers! Does that make me a bad momma? Nicknames for Munchkin include, Monkey, Pumpkin, Precious, and Pumpkin Pie.

Munchkins favorite past times include, but not limited to: watching the birds and squirrels in amasement while he makes this clicking noise in his throat, playing with his stuffed mice, sleeping on top of the afghan in the back of my bedroom closet, hiding from Shorty, and his terrorists attacks, and eating momma's houseplants.

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