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Our Favorite Cat Sites on the Web

Bill Hall's Cat Tales: will provide hours of reading enjoyment

If All Who Hate Would Love Us: a touching cat poem!

Cat Alphabet

Cat Folklore: Do you believe this stuff?

The Animal Pharmacy Center: Includes side effects of medications prescribed for your pet.

Cat Info: Alphabetical List

Krazy things your kat does: to make you nuts

Keeping Your Cat (or Dog) Safe During a Disaster: An informative article, especially for those of us who live in hurricane evacuation areas.

How to Give CPR to Your Cat: We don't want to think about it, but useful information for all of us cat lovers!

Tail Talk: How your cat uses his tail to express himself

The Cat User's Manual: User installation, and maintenance documentation

The Literary Cat: Books, magazines, posters, ect of...cats

Garfield's Top Ten : Bad Cat Jokes

Kitten Tips and News: Site updates weekly with informative kitten care ideas, and kitten stories.

Commercial Cat Links: Links to causes that we beleive in, and cat care sites on the web.